Wacky Wednesday Workout

This is just a little summary post of my workout yesterday. I worked on my chest and back (and I’m soreee and I love it), if you have any advice on the subject of working out please feel free to share, I love learning new information!

I started with a Zumba class that the gym offers, which is really fun, except I cannot keep up and have zero rhythm, but oh well I like to throw different types of workouts in my routine to mix it up! Then I moved to the weights where I did the following exercises:

Backwards fly: 8lbs x20,15,10
Seated row: 40lbs x20,15 55lbs x10
Back extension: 100×20,15 115×10
Lateral raise: x30 lbs for ten (switched to 20 for set one, because I felt my form was compromised), 20lbsx15 30lbsx10
Assisted dip: 55lbs x20,15,10 (holy harddddd)
Shoulder press: 10lbs x20,15,20
Kneeling One Arm Row (had to look that up I never would’ve guessed that): 10lbsx 20,15,10
Row (bent over with barbell):  20x20lbs,15,10
The last thing I did was more full body and it starts like a deadlift but then you raise the barbell up over your head so that workout:  20lbsx20,15,10
I felt awesome yesterday at the gym, too. I’m not sure if it’s because I stopped stressing so much about “clean eating” or if it’s because I’m getting more sleep, but I’ve just been feeling good!
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