A Week In Workouts

It’s been a crazy holiday week nd I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on posting my workouts. Although I haven’t been blogging, I’ve still been completing my workouts as planned. 🙂

20lbs for full body barbell workout✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️  (8 sets)
(Felt easy..going to try and move up 5lbs)
Bicep curl 45lbsx20 40lbsx15

30 min treadmill work/ sprints
Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

Seated leg curl: 45lbsx20 (easy peesy) 60lbsx15 (aaahhh) x10
Leg extension: 70lbsx20 ,15,10
Leg curl: 40lbsx20 45bsx15 50lbsx10
Hip aductor: 45lbsx20 50lbsx15 50lbsx10
Hip abductor: 75lbsx20 80lbsx15(hard) 80lbsx10
Seated leg press: 70lbsx20, 75lbsx15 90lbsx10
Glute: 70lbsx20 75lbzx15 80lbsx10
Standing calf: 75lbsx 20,15,10

Dumbbell raise:10lbs
Shoulder raise: 8lbs
Bicep curls: 12lbs
Tricep: 12lbs
Shoulder Shrugs:12lbs
Side bicep w dumbbell: 12lbs
(X3 for all 20,15,10)
Tricep push down: 20lbs (20,15,10)
Cable cross over: 10lbs (20,15,10)
Lat pull down: 40lbsx20,15 55lbsx10, x8
ISO-lateral incline press: 50lbsx 12 (so hard) x10

{Jump rope(10min)
5 min of planks
Stretching }
Dumbbell flys: 8lbs x20,15,10
Ab ball twists: 6lbsx20 8lbsx15,10
Dumbbell lift kneeling(?): 10lbsx20 12lbsx15,10
Back extension: 115lbsx20, 15, 120lbsx10
Ab crunch: 55lbsx20, 15 60lbsx20
Seated row: 40lbsx20, 50lbsx15 55lbsx10
Barbell flys forward: 20 lbsx20,15 30lbsx10
Torso rotation: 70lbsx20, 75lbsx15, 80lbsx10
Assisted dip: 55lbsx20, 55lbsx15, 55lbsx10
Sit ups: 20,15,10

I took yesterday off for a little rest day. Now I’m off to try rock climbing for the first time :).


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