Why I Eat Healthy,

But you don’t have to;

(Fun fact this tasted DELICIOUS and kept me full for three hours 😉 )

Many times I get little comments about why or what I choose to eat, because naturally I m small. People say “you don’t need to be on  diet” or “why do you et like that , does it even taste good”. Well first things first, if it didn’t taste good , I certainly would not be eating it. I choose to eat what I do because I find that those are the things my body craves and needs to perform it its best. I’ve been working on finding out what is  beneficial to my body and what actually decreases it’s performance ability for the last few months now, and I’m slowly learning what foods I should and shouldn’t eat. So when I choose  haddock over mac n cheese, it’s not because I’m rubbing it in your face that I’m eating something healthy, it’s because I don’t want severe stomach cramps for the next 2 hours. I choose foods that will make me feel good, strong, and energized for the next few hours.

On the other hand I never not allow myself to have anything. If I crave ice cream or a burger, I’ll eat it. Some things just aren’t worth it enough to suffer the consequences. When I find something that is worth it, I indulge to my little hearts content. (Ice cream is always worth it btw any time, any day, any kind, just feed me all the ice cream).

I’m also never ever judging what another person is choosing to eat. In life we have to make many choices, not just what to eat, and people have all different reasons for choosing what they do, so it’s their decisions their business and I will probably support it (if it involves french fries especially). Keep doing you, making your own decisions and being your own person, and do it knowing one less person in this world is judging you. 🙂

Just a little something brought upon by comments by others, which I usually ignore but I felt I wanted to share, because maybe others go through the same ridicule. Comment your thoughts if you agree. 🙂



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