Ab Workouts For the Soul

I secretly hate ab workouts, I don’t know why they seem to be every girls favorite workout, but I dread it. I love the feeling after doing an ab workout but not any of the feelings I feel during an ab workout. With that being said, crushed my abs yesterday at the gym. I just wanted to get all of my workout information out here, so nothing too crazy on this post just a list of my workout, here it is:

We started with some sprints and jogging on the treadmill, it was not a lot just a quick warmup then did abs
Sit ups: 6lb ball x20
Oblique work: 6lb ball 3 sets of 20
Sit ups on the declined bench: 20,15,10
Ab crunch machine: 50lbs x20 55lbsx 15 55lbsx 10
Back extensions: 115lbsx 20 120lbsx 10 125lbsx 10
Torso rotation: 70lbsx 20,15,10
Straight leg raises: 20
Curled leg raises: 15
Curled leg hold:20 seconds

It’s been a while since i’ve worked on my abs and i’m feeling pretty sore today, which isa good feeling for me! I will probably do some full body work at the gym today, preparing for all those holiday cookies and treats :). Happy Friday!


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