About Me

I’m you’re typical about to be college graduate, except I don’t have a plan. I am currently working on creating my own plan and creating my own path on my journey for success.

I love to try new foods, mostly healthy and on the side of paleo style. But don’t get me wrong I love a good burger and fries, or a nice helping of pasta. Living balanced, that’s for sure. I love to bake desserts, mostly sugary, full of flour, butter, and love.

I just began a fitness journey that I can see myself carrying for the long run. I have been working out consistently at a typical commercial gym and I am dying to learn to lift weights, so if you have any tips please share them! I also just started practicing yoga and added it to my morning routine.

On the side of adventure, my boyfriend and I attempt to make our adventure everywhere we go. Obviously, we aren’t blessed with the funds to travel quite far very often, but we make the best of what we have. Tune in for the stories of those small adventures.