Tuesdays are for Crushing Goals

It was a wonderful day at the gym, today! My gym buddy and I accomplished our first gym related goal, we each completed one pull up (with no assistance). I am so excited about this, because the feeling of just a little bit of progress keeps me inspired. It’s important to remember that just because our bodies are taking it’s time to develop and become stronger, doesn’t mean it’s not happening! Also, I did my first benchpress, ever! We’re really crossing that “body building” line over there at the gym. It feels so good to set goals and crush them, it keeps me excited for the next gym session!
Our workout tonight started with sprints on the treadmill (8.3-8.7 depending on height of hill [highest was 9.9] 5.4 for jogging speed)-7 sprints for 3 miles and we sprinted for one minute at a time then took a 5 minute (jogging) break.

Then we moved to the weights:
Flys(again, I’m new to this so I’m not sure exactly what it’s called but it works out your chest): 20x 5lbs  15x 5lbs 10x 5lbs
Front dumbbell raise: 20x 8lbs 15x 8lbs 10x 10lbs
Dumbbell above the head raise: 10lbs x20, 10lbsx 15 10lbsx 10
Assisted pull up: 55lbsx 20 55lbsx 15 45lbsx10 (less is more on this exercise)
Pectoral fly machine: 20x 55lbs (hard) 12x 55lbs (moved the weight down to complete the set) 3x 45lbs 10x 45lbs
Incline bench press: 8x bar (45lbs) bar(45lbs)x 10 bar(45lbs)x 8
Chest press: 20x 25lbs 15x 25lbs 10x 30lbs

All in all today was a great workout! As you can see I tried to add a little more weight as I began to end the sets, just to really get my muscles working. I also took any weight off that I felt was compromising my form or that I felt was too much, remember to listen to your body!

*Also, sorry sometimes I just make up names of exercises that I’m doing so if you have no clue what I’m talking about that’s probably why (it’s more for personal reference and to track progress anyways, I know most people don’t care the exact details about my workouts)*


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