Monday Recap

We survived Monday! I tried it, I practiced all of my strategies for positivity, and I truly did feel my mood was lifted. It could have been because there was no challenges in my day, it was a fairly easy day, but my spirits are high and I hope to conquer any challenging day that I am faced with.

I went to the gym last night, which felt good because I hadn’t been since last Thursday. The focus area was our legs (my fav [because booty, of course]). I’ve been trying something a little different, using less weights and doing more reps, then adding a little more weights, if possible, to continue out the sets, but lessening the reps. I really want to just be strong and fit, but that’s were the patience comes in. Anyways here is the workout I did yesterday:

  • Kettle bell Squats: 15lbs x20 15lbs x15 20lbs x10
  • Lunges (with barbell): 20lbs x20 20lbs x15 20lbs x10
  • Squats (with barbell): 20lbs x20 20lbs x15 20 lbs x10 (working my way up to the body building machine one squat at a time)
  • Forearms (with barbell): 20lbs x20 20lbs x15 20lbs x10 (have to give the legs a little break from the action for a quick set.)
  • Reverse leg curl (my favorite because I feel it so much, my hamstrings must be the weakest): 40lbs x20 45lbs x15 40lbs x10
    • I went up five pounds but then I felt I wasn’t performing the exercise right and I was skimping on the workout (not putting my legs all the way back etc..) so I lessened the weight, we have to learn to listen to our bodies if we want improvement!
  • Leg Press: 50lbs x20 50lbs x15 50 lbs x10
    • Funny story about this, I wanted to do the “body building” leg press, so just the machines that cross line from machines to deadlifts/heavy weights. You know, where the men and women with the big muscles, that drink protein shakes, and 8 gallon jugs of water work out–but I’m still a little newbie at the gym (I aspire to be an 8 gallon jug of water drinking lifting queen btw, don’t get me wrong).  Anyways, I wasn’t sure how to use the machine so, much to my own surprise, I popped my head out of my little turtle shell and asked for help! Nothing bad happened, either, I just received some help, so lesson learned..don’t be ashamed to ask for help. The man who helped me seemed pleased to help and didn’t act bothered either. Moral of the story: don’t feel ashamed if you don’t know, just ask for help. 
  • Calf Raise: 70lbs x20 70lbsx 15 70lbs x10
  • Leg raise: (I only did two sets because I was running out of time. Practicing that flexibility–working with the time I have) 60lbs x20 55lbs x10 –I felt the weight was a little too much at 60, next time I will probably start lower.

Although the weights might not be the heaviest, I’m new to this and form is important to me. I suffered through a hip injury that left me, a lover of long distance running, out of commission for almost a year. My downfall was due to lack of stretching and not enough full body workouts, while running 60 miles a week, and playing basketball. I want to take my workouts slow, get it right, and listen to my body this time around to avoid injury.

My Monday ended with a funky twist. I did Anti-gravity yoga for the first time. It was so cool! There were inversions and I was hanging upside down, it was a crazy feeling because you don’t expect your body to do things like that for you, but with a little assistance and trust, it will. It was definitely an ab and upper body workout, I will say.

Of course, I took a picture (I’m a blogger now, pictures of everything are a must) so here it is. 15624351_1681891358769223_1877940910776385536_n1

I wish it was a little bit better of a picture, but there’s only so much you can do when your personal photographer (my boyfriend) isn’t feeling it.

I would recommend this for anyone looking for a different form of exercise, but who’s looking to work out that upper body (not as much relax).

Happy Tuesday!


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