How I Plan to Radiate Positivity All Week

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

Lately, I find that my attitude has been on the dull side. Most of the thoughts that come into my head are encompassed by negativity and poor feelings, mostly about myself. I am making a decision, today, to put an end to this way of thinking and to start surrounding myself with positivity. I’m challenging myself to a week of positivity. I’ll start with the week and if my strategies work, then I will continue to move forward with my positive thinking, and if I find they don’t work, well then it’s back to the drawing board. It’s difficult to imagine they won’t work, being the most magical time of the year!

I will..Practice Patience
Something that seems to drag my spirits down is my inability to find patience in tasks that I’m doing, for example my fitness routine. I can say to myself a million times that it takes time to reach my goals, but I still don’t feel satisfied. This week I am going to focus on being patient, patient with myself, patient with my work, and patient with those around me. Although things may seem pointless and like a hinderance now, I will keep reminding myself that good things take time, and effort.

I will..Be Flexible
Flexibility, ahhhh, as a full time student and a part time employee at two places of work, a change in schedule is almost inevitable. It occurs often, even with family and friends, appointments change, meeting times change, and people filter in and out of our surroundings. Change is a difficult thing for me to cope with because I like a plan, and I like the plan to be followed exactly as it was set, but this is life and that is not likely to happen. With that being said, when, and it will, a schedule shifts or a plan is broken or modified, I will stop and take a few breathes and understand that in life, things change. I will not let the urge to stick to my to do list run my life and attitude. I will be positively flexible this week. (I’ll also do yoga, so that helps with the flexibility too..)

I will..Be Understanding
An important thing that I need to remember is that things happen, and not everything can go as planned. I would like to allow myself to be more understanding, especially of those around me. If someone cancels a plan or arrives late, I want to stop and think for a moment about how busy their day may be. I am still an important factor in the lives of my friends and family even if we cannot see each other often. I go through the same things and have to make changes, and I expect others to be understanding, now it is my turn to be more understanding of everyone around me. It’s a stressful time in the year, and everyone is going through their own tough situation. We are not alone, we can support each other, if we open our minds and practice selflessness.

I will..Let Things Go
So, that cashier rolled her eyes at you? Your brother yelled at you? Your boyfriend doesn’t like the food you made? This week, I will let these things go. I have a habit on obsessing over things that have occurred to me throughout the day, and when I tell you obsess and overthink, I mean full fledge lose sleep over the way a person said my name (because did I upset them?! Are they mad at me?! you get the picture….). My goal is to practice letting it all go. If someone says something I don’t like, instead of running and complaining about it, I will ignore it. If I begin to think about it again, i’ll push it to the side. I will not let other peoples comments, gestures, actions, and words control my emotions and attitude. This goes for more than just interactions with others, it goes for that shirt I was dying to wear but never washed, or the last banana I was dying to eat but somebody else ate it. I will practice letting go and moving on in every thing I do throughout the day. I will lower the intensity of my emotions, and try not to lose hope over one mistake or unplanned event in the day. If it cannot be fixed, or I am not willing to fix it, within 10 minutes, then I will not worry about it.

That just about sums it up, for how I plan to be positive in the upcoming week. It’s almost christmas so I get bonus positivity, so I have faith that I can reach my goal of completing this week on a positive note. How do you stay positive during a stressful time? 🙂


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