Good Morning 

It’s a snowy morning (well almost afternoon now) in my little home town. I was up around 8:00 to start making breakfast and prep for the gym. Pictured is a photo of my breakfast which consisted of:

An avocado and yellow lentil hummus spread on rye toast 😍; some sautéed spinach; and to top it al off two sunny side up eggs. 

The idea was to fuel up for the Rezist class I do at the gym, but it was canceled due to the snow. Since I was fueled up I decided to come home (after pushing a poor guy up a snowy hill), and do a workout of my own. The idea of the Rezist is to do a workout for a minute straight and continue doing that for 40 minutes then cool down. I did what I could remember and finished it off with some weights. I focused on my arms and chest today. So my weight workout was:

•Dumbbell raises (10lbs) x20, x15, x10. •Barbell lifts 15lbs x20, x15, x10.   •Shoulder raises (I think that’s what they’re called who knows.) 15lbs x20, x15, x10

I’m really trying to learn how to work better with weights, as you can see I’m not sure what all the exercises are really called (I just make it up). I’m excited to see progress, but it hasn’t been that long so I’m practicing patience, ughh. 

🔹Then I finished it all up with 10 minutes of yoga. 🔹

Now, post workout, I’m munching on some protein oats topped with chocolate nuts n more almond butter and bark thins. It’s delightful and it’s warming me up. 

Also, shoutout to my Subaru for crushing it in the snow. 😝


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