My First Ever Post

Hello, thanks for getting this far! This is my first ever blog post. I’m overwhelmed and I’m really not sure how to get this started. This is definitely something different than what I would usually do. I’m typically more of a hmmm, what some would call a lurker? Starting my own blog is a little difficult for me because I worry so much about what others will think. But I’m throwing that thinking out the window this instant. So here we go, why don’t I just tell you what I hope to get out of joining the blogging community. I hope to interact with other users that can give me tips on how to better my health and well being. I also hope to get advice on how to create the best treats and also where to find the best dishes. I hope to give all readers some advice as well on all aspects of the blog. I’m excited to get to sharing! Cheers to blogging!



(Photo taken by me on a family trip to Maine. Shipyard Pumpkin head rimmed with caramel and cinnamon sugar. It was mid fall so there was beautiful foliage the photo does not do it justice, if you’ve never been I suggest a trip to northern Maine.)


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